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Mitigate risk and preserve client confidentiality with our full suite.

Confidentiality, secured.

Law firms and legal professionals rely on Zix for email encryption, threat protection, and archiving.

Mitigate risk and preserve client confidentiality with a full suite of email security solutions.

Secure Communications

Few things are more vital than ensuring the integrity of your most important communication channel – email. Zix combines transparent email encryption, robust archiving, and powerful protection against inbound threats like ransomware, phishing and malware. Backed by superior 24/7/365 live support, we make securing email as easy as using it.

Avoid Attacks

Cyber attacks against law firms and legal institutions are on the rise, and it’s more than just the big firms at risk. Hackers are using increasingly sophisticated email attacks to target legal organizations regardless of size, revenue or client base. And as long as there’s sensitive data in email, your clients and your organization are vulnerable. That’s why legal organizations choose Zix to protect their inbound and outbound email, clients, and reputation.

Stay Organized

Compliance and eDiscovery is another important piece of any complete business communications security solution. Zix makes it easy to categorize, search and access messages from email and 48 electronic communication tools through a simple cloud interface. With Zix, you control who views your business communications data and when. We can’t make compliance and eDiscovery more fun, but we can help alleviate the hassle.

Zix Email Encryption

Send emails in the easiest and most protected way possible. Zix removes the hassle of encrypted email and gives you peace of mind that your sensitive data is secure. Your emails and attachments are scanned automatically and if the messages are quarantined, you’ll get a chance to review, ensuring your messages are going to the right people.

Zix Advanced Threat Protection

Sophisticated attacks demand a sophisticated solution. With a multi-layer approach and live email security experts, Zix takes out the guess work with protection from ransomware, malware, spear phishing, and more to keep your email, employees, and business safe from the latest threats.

Zix Unified Archive

Employees send and receive hundreds of messages a day. Managing email and other forms of digital communications properly is overwhelming, and meeting regulatory and legal obligations causes headaches. Zix provides secure message retention and makes compliance and eDiscovery easier for you and your team.

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