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Zix - CFPB Compliance
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CFPB Compliance

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) dictates financial service organizations must proactively identify and address security risks, protect sensitive consumer information and communicate a privacy policy to this effect. For payment processors, real estate agents, title settlement companies, mortgage collectors and others, Zix enables compliance with these regulations.

Address CFPB compliance and enable secure email with the ease of regular email.

Having issued more than $5 billion in regulatory fines since inception, the CFPB means business. Your organization is obligated to ensure no private records are disclosed without consent, are secured while in transit and security issues are proactively identified. Non-compliance can mean brand damage, loss of consumer trust and a decline in revenue – all impacting your bottom line.

Contracts, funds transfers and other workflows often use email. However how are you ensuring non-public information in every email is kept secure and private? Zix helps you address CFPB compliance by enabling employees, customers and partners to encrypt and decrypt messages and attachments with the ease of regular email. We automate policy scans of all outbound emails and encrypt, or if required, quarantine based on user, domain or trigger of our proven content filters. We support secure email for BYOD environments where employees and agents use email on personal smart phones or tablets.

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