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Zix - BYOD Security
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BYOD Security

Employee-owned devices are the norm in companies today. While anytime, anywhere access to email has many advantages, security and compliance risks increase. The ideal bring your own device (BYOD) environment enables easy access to email but does not allow data to reside on the device, where it’s in jeopardy of loss, theft and compliance violations.

IT needs to offset the risk of data loss without impacting employee workflow or usability of BYOD.

The rapid growth in adoption of BYOD in the enterprise can improve employee productivity but carries noteworthy risks. Each device presents IT with a potential point of failure and risk. To ensure BYOD initiatives are a net gain, IT needs to offset the risk of data loss, accidental and malicious data exposure without impacting employee workflow or usability.

Zix provides employees secure, anywhere access to corporate email without the risks. Regardless of location, we enable safe secure email from mobile devices. The result is employees can reap all the productivity benefits of communicating, collaborating, and driving workflow with email, while your IT, security and compliance experts can focus on other matters given sensitive data and regulatory compliance is no longer jeopardized.

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